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#Scamilton Is Bigger Than You Think.

I love the Church and love the gathering of the Saints. But there is a real problem we need to address. The Door McAllen Church faux-production of Hamilton (with lyrics changed) was clearly wrong. Why would a church put all that energy spent on wardrobes, stage design, rehearsals just to risk getting sued?

What were they thinking?

Unless, of course, they never intended to get caught.

When I mean 'caught', I mean they never intended clips of the illegal production going crazy viral. This went BIG. Since the whole production started, the videos of the faux-Hamilton production showed up everywhere. For those unfamiliar just look up #Scamilton and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

How many other churches do this? My guess is that it happens all the time, but just not getting captured and catching fire like The Door McAllen Church.

Here lies the issue we’ve not been considering:

A successful lawsuit against a church can set a precedent. Using another’s work, their music, written words, or play without proper permission is an unforced error, and can cost thousands.

Maybe your churches’ online broadcast during the COVID lockdowns was viewed live by a few dozen people. Did you get permission to broadcast another artist’s work?

C'mon, Church! We know better! Don’t steal.

Because the internet is forever. And everywhere. Be ready.

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