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The Best Music Lets You Tell Better Stories

When I was much younger, a childhood friend invited me to watch a bootlegged edition of The Empire Strikes Back. No idea how he got the VHS, but it was obviously a pre-edited copy; we could hear all the actor's dialogue and some of the sound effects, but the music score was missing. John William's amazing contribution hadn't been included!

Let me tell you, the movie seemed almost silly without it. It's pretty ridiculous watching a whole scene of Stormtroopers marching without hearing the iconic Imperial March!

You need the right music to tell your story.

SONICA's library has hundreds of soundtracks created by worship leaders and artists who understand the flow of the church. When you sync the right music, your audience will know you've brought your 'A' game, and will better understand your message.

Our friends at Christ's Church of the Valley from Peoria, Arizona are using music from SONICA's library to help promote upcoming series. (The soundtrack they've selected is called New Car Smell)

Subscribe today at to get started for free.

Start telling better stories!



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